5×5 is a challenge designed to raise funds to build a health clinic in Vatao, Burkina Faso through an organization called Walk in the Light International as part of our year-long initiative called Caleb’s Dream. 
Here’s how it works; you give $5 and ask 5 people (friends/family/co-workers, etc) to give $5 and ask them to find 5 people to give $5 (and so on). 
A single $5 donation won’t get the project done, but, by using the power of our connections, we can work together to accomplish this amazing goal. 
In 2016 Caleb (now 9)  broke his arm and was treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  It was after his treatment that he realized many kids in other parts of the world don’t have the same opportunity to be treated for medical needs as common as broken bones.  This realization spawned a dream in Caleb, a dream of building a children’s hospital in Africa.
Caleb presented his dream to the pastors of Crosswater and we jumped on board with Caleb and committed that we would work towards raising enough money for this dream to become a reality and see kids, families, and individuals be helped and even have their lives saved through something we take for granted as a human right. 
Work has already started on this project, in fact, we have already raised over $70,000 towards the overall need but as you can see (to the right) we still have a lot of work to do to get this project completed.
Please give $5 and get 5 others to give $5 and let’s see how far this movement can spread while providing life-saving medical treatment to those who desperately need it.

Vatao Clinic Costs
Permits, Paperwork: $6,800 – FUNDED
Well/Plumbing: $25,000 – FUNDED
Primary Care Building: $46,269
Primary Care Equipment: $$25,249
Pharmacy Cost: $21,011
Maternity Building: $33,661
Maternity Equipment: $31,455
Nurse Housing: $26,892
TOTAL NEED: $216,337
To find out more about Walk in the Light International, click here