In 2016 Caleb (now 8)  broke his arm and was treated at Seattle Children’s Hospital.  It was after his treatment that he realized many kids in other parts of the world don’t have the same opportunity to be treated for medical needs as common as broken bones.  This realization spawned a dream in Caleb, a dream of building a children’s hospital in Africa.
Shortly after beginning a sermon series, based partly off of the book “Chase the Lion” by Mark Batterson, where we encouraged the people of Crosswater to dream God-sized dreams, Caleb presented his dream to the pastors of Crosswater.  How could we preach on the idea of dreaming dreams that only God can accomplish and then turn around and tell 8 year old Caleb that his dream is crazy or unrealistic.  WE COULDN’T!
Instead, we jumped on board with Caleb and committed that we would work towards raising enough money for this dream to become a reality and see kids, families, and individuals be helped and even have their lives saved through something we take for granted as a human right. 
So, in 2018, Crosswater is dreaming a God-sized dream of raising over $200,000 in order to provide a clinic in Burkina Faso, West Africa through Walk in the Light International.
Throughout the course of 2018, Crosswater will have a variety of events and initiatives aimed at raising funds needed for this amazing dream.  In addition, we are working to partner with other churches, businesses and individuals to make this happen.  We are going to need a massive effort with lots of your help to make this happen.  Please keep monitoring this page, our Facebook page and our Events Page for updates on events, fundraisers and progress towards our goal and ways that you can participate. 
One kid’s dream….Many lives saved

This is Caleb 

Permits, Paperwork: $6,800
Well/Plumbing: $25,000
Primary Care Building: $46,269
Primary Care Equipment: $$25,249
Pharmacy Cost: $21,011
Maternity Building: $33,661
Maternity Equipment: $31,455
Nurse Housing: $26,892
TOTAL NEED: $216,337
RAISED SO FAR: $136,348 (5/30/19)
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