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1/9/22 - Crosswater Community Church, Sultan, WA - Sunday Worship Service
Jon Merwin
Jon Merwin
Sunday, January 9, 2022
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Thanks for joining us this morning!

Have you set out to read the entire Bible but get bogged down somewhere and end up quitting? Do you wish you could have a better understanding of how the entire Bible fits together? Join us for 16 weeks in our sermon series "16 Verses : 1 Story" as we explore 16 key passages from Genesis to Revelation that help you to see one story throughout the entirety of scripture. This week our message, "Image of God" looks at Genesis 1:26-27

We are so happy that you are here!

Discussion Questions -

1 - What does "made in the image of GOD" mean to you? How are we like GOD?

2 - How does the reality of men and women both being made in GOD's image help you to see GOD's goodness and wisdom in creation? Why is this important to recognize both men and women being made in HIS image? How can this help us treat the opposite sex with value, respect and humility?

3 - "How has the image of GOD been misunderstood and misapplied in the modern world? In what ways have you failed to properly represent GOD to the world around you?" (Chris Bruno, 16 Verses Study Guide)

4 - What are some ways we can do a better job of having "dominion over" the earth today? Please share some examples.

Please pray together or by yourself. Thank GOD for making us image bearers and repent where needed for not bearing that image well. Pray for wisdom, insight, courage and stamina to represent the KING and HIS kingdom, ask GOD to show you where you can make adjustments.

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