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7/17/22 - Crosswater Community Church, Sultan, WA - Sunday Worship Service Category
Jon Merwin
Jon Merwin
Sunday, July 17, 2022
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Thanks for joining us this morning!

Reading and knowing scripture is good and necessary but figuring out how to live out our faith in real life can be a real challenge. Join with us for 8 weeks as we learn about "Real Faith In Real Life" as we journey through the book of James. Today's message, 'New Perspective' comes from James 1:1-8

We are so happy that you are here!

Discussion Questions:

1. Read John 7:3-5. What caused James to go from what we see in this passage to the leader of the church in Jerusalem and the author of this letter? What's the implication of this in your own life?

2. Would you rather be happy or holy? What's the difference?

3. Think of some trials that you are currently experiencing. How are you responding to those trials?

4. Think of some trials that you experienced in the past. How have you seen the "testing of your faith produce steadfastness" in those trials?

5. How would you define wisdom?

6. According to the passage, why should we ask God for wisdom?

7. Where do you need wisdom from God? Have you asked Him?

8. What step(s) can you take this week to consider your trials "all joy"?

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