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11/6/22 - Crosswater Community Church, Sultan, WA - Sunday Worship Service
Aaron Day
Aaron Day
Sunday, November 6, 2022
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Thanks for joining us today!

In 2022 we have set out to be Rooted in God's Word, allowing it to shape and inform how we see the world rather than having the world shape how we read God's Word. For much of the Bible we are able to do this with the benefit of hindsight, with the knowledge that much of what is written has already happened. But not everything. We live in the tension of "Already and Not Yet" because while much has already happened, much has not yet occurred, leaving us in an in-between place filled with doubt and uncertainty.

Journey with us for 8-weeks as we explore biblical prophecies, some fulfilled and some not yet fulfilled, that give us certainty regarding our future because the ONE who holds the future in His hands has proven to be faithful and trustworthy, allowing us to declare Your "Kingdom Come" with hope, anticipation and confidence.

Today's message, “Perfect Kingdom”, looks at the last prophecy in the Bible as an encouragement to live for JESUS now.

We are so happy that you are here!

Discussion Questions -

1 - How have you seen the Bible point to JESUS this year?

2 - When you hear or read the word "prophecy" what comes to mind?

3 - How do we determine if a prophecy is from GOD or just from man?

4 - What in Revelation 21:1-5 are you most looking forward to and why?

5 - Since we are in the "already and not yet tension", what is GOD calling you to do while you wait for the Perfect Kingdom?

Please pray for yourself and others to live for KING JESUS now.

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