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5/7/23 Crosswater Community Church, Sultan, WA - Sunday Worship Service
Aaron Day
Aaron Day
Sunday, May 7, 2023
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There is much discussion in our society about what Jesus said or didn't say as well as what He meant by what He said or didn't say. So how do we know who is right? We go straight to the source, HIS WORD! Journey with us in 2023 as we explore what Jesus said on a variety of topics and let's dig in together as we seek to understand, apply and live out all that "JESUS SAID".

Anger seems to be on the rise in our culture but even Jesus got angry at times. So is it okay to be angry? If so, when should we be angry and what should we do with our anger? What was Jesus angry about and how does that compare with what we get angry about?

Everyone experiences anger at some point in their lives, but how we handle it can make all the difference. In this series, “Everyone Who Is Angry”, we will explore the different forms of anger and how Jesus addressed them. We'll examine Jesus' own anger, the roots of anger, and the different reasons why people become angry, including pride, fear, and the desire to defend God. We'll also delve into the hidden anger and cynicism that can be lurking beneath the surface of our hearts. Join us as we learn from what Jesus said about, and/or in response to, anger and discover how we can manage our own anger in a healthy and constructive way.

JESUS was accused of not being from GOD by some of the Pharisees because HE did not follow their traditions. Many times, people get angry with others in an attempt to defend their faith or tradition without really honoring GOD in the process. JESUS called these Pharisees to account by addressing the spiritual blindness of the Pharisees who clung to traditions rather than submitting to the good heart of GOD. Are we clinging to traditions or to GOD's heart?

Discussion Questions -

  1. What's one particular pet peeve you have with regards to others in their faith? (for example: choice of worship songs/styles, Bible translation preference, communion practices, baptism practices, doctrinal stances, using the LORD's name in vain as a CHRIST follower, etc.) How could this be a positive opportunity to grow closer to others you disagree with?
  2. When you disagree with someone else do you try to understand them, talk with them, talk about them, try to change their mind or something else? (Let's assume you know them and could talk with them if you wanted to.)
  3. Why is it so easy to rely on anger when "defending the faith"? What will you do to step towards JESUS rather than anger when you disagree spiritually with others?
  4. JESUS did a lot of healing and casting out demons on the Sabbath. Do you think this was intentional? If so, why would HE do so?
  5. How does JESUS' healing of the man who was born blind deal with physical and spiritual blindness in everyone but JESUS, HIMSELF?
  6. Did JESUS come into the world to save it or judge it? Please explain your answer.

GOD is so patient with us. Please thank HIM for HIS steadfast lovingkindness. Please take time to ask HIM to show you where you may be blinded spiritually to what HE is trying to show you.

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