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God Loves you and so do we.  I know that sounds trite, but it’s true.   He loves you more than you could ever know.  He made you, and everyone one of us, in His image (Genesis 1:27) so that we could experience how awesome He is and just how much He loves each one of us.   In fact, God loves us so much that, even though we have all turned away from Him, “He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life” (John 3:16).  


You see, He loves us so much that He paid the penalty for our sin so that we can be with Him now and forever!  We can’t earn His love, or lose it, but we can choose not to accept it.  It’s not too late to turn to Him for forgiveness and new life. It’s what you were made for. 
If God can love messed up people like us, then surely He can love you, too.  And that is why we love you.  Because He loves us so much, we want others to experience His love through us.  Our hope is that you would experience His love at Crosswater.    That you would, in turn, start to love Him and all those He has made as a response.   This is why Crosswater exists, that you would know, accept, and be transformed by the love and life of JESUS!  


You are loved more than you know.

What to Expect on a Sunday
  • Bible based teaching
  • Casual environment
  • Fun and safe Children’s Ministry (birth through elementary)
    • Background checked children’s volunteers
    • Bible-based curriculum
    • Staffed check-in desk
  • Current, Contemporary Worship
  • Hot coffee
Please contact Pastor Jon at with any additional questions or for more information.

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