Luke 6:27-36
Love Your Enemies

This sermon was preached at Crosswater Community Church in Sultan, WA on 3/12/23

There is much discussion in our society about what Jesus said or didn't say as well as what He meant by what He said or didn't say. So how do we know who is right? We go straight to the source, HIS WORD! Journey with us in 2023 as we explore what Jesus said on a variety of topics and let's dig in together as we seek to understand, apply and live out all that "JESUS SAID".

Now, seemingly more than ever, the definition of love in our society is often changing. So, how do we determine what the definition is, or if a definition even exists? As Christians, we believe that God is love and as such, He alone defines what love is. Since Jesus is God in the flesh, what He says about love and how He models it is our standard. Join with us as we look at what “Jesus Said” about love, how He lived it out and how we are to respond, in our sermon series “You Shall Love”.

Loving "our neighbors as ourselves" is tough, but loving our enemies!? JESUS calls us to do the impossible and this one seems to take the cake! Good news: JESUS doesn't ever command us to do what HE hasn't already done nor will HE leave us alone. As GOD's people we get to trust HIM, love HIM and love like HIM. So, let's continue (or start) to love those who don't love back, give to those who don't say "thank you" and forgive those who don't deserve it. "Be merciful, even as your FATHER is merciful."

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