Matthew 5:43-48, Luke 23:32-43
Praying For Those Who Persecute You

This sermon was preached at Crosswater Community Church in Sultan, WA on 8/6/23 

There is much discussion in our society about what Jesus said or didn't say as well as what He meant by what He said or didn't say. So how do we know who is right? We go straight to the source, HIS WORD! Journey with us in 2023 as we explore what Jesus said on a variety of topics and let's dig in together as we seek to understand, apply and live out all that "JESUS SAID".

Jesus frequently went off by Himself to connect with His Father in prayer thereby modeling for us what talking/listening to God can and should look like. Looking at different prayers of Jesus throughout His time on earth, we explore the different aspects of prayer that Jesus modeled and taught, emphasizing the importance of seeking God's will, surrendering to His plans, interceding for others, and communing with God in intimate fellowship.

In loving HIS enemies and praying for those who persecuted HIM, JESUS sets the perfect example for us to follow. Since we are not perfect, we will need HIM to give us the strength to follow HIS lead. As we conclude this series on prayers of JESUS may we learn to be more like HIM.