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2/19/23 Crosswater Community Church, Sultan, WA - Sunday Worship Service
Aaron Day
Aaron Day
Sunday, February 19, 2023
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Thanks for joining us today!

There is much discussion in our society about what Jesus said or didn't say as well as what He meant by what He said or didn't say.  So how do we know who is right?  We go straight to the source, HIS WORD!  Journey with us in 2023 as we explore what Jesus said on a variety of topics and let's dig in together as we seek to understand, apply and live out all that "JESUS SAID".  When looking at what Jesus Said what better place to start than what He said about Himself?  Join with us for 6-weeks as we explore the “I Am” statements of Jesus.

Today we look at the last of the seven I AM statements of JESUS in the book of John. JESUS said, "I am the true vine." Dependence on HIM is life. Come join us as we learn more of what it means to live with and for JESUS. We are so happy that you are here!

Discussion Questions -

1 - Bread of Life, Light of Life, Door, Good Shepherd, Resurrection and the Life, Way, Truth and Life and True Vine are all ways JESUS describes HIMSELF as the Great I AM. Which of these has HE especially shown HIMSELF to you?

2 - With what does JESUS say it means to love HIM? How does HE encourage HIS followers that HE will help them do so?

3 - As a branch depends on the vine for life, so too we depend on JESUS for life. In what ways does this challenge you? In what ways does this encourage you?

4 - What does it mean to "abide" in JESUS? How do we "abide" in JESUS?

5 - What are some Biblical examples of fruit? How do we "bear much fruit"?

Please take time to thank JESUS for being the great I AM and confess how much you need HIM. Please pray for one another to increase in your love for JESUS and each other and yourselves.

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